Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MailCOPA Email Client V12 To Support OpenPGP Encryption

InterVations expects to release the MailCOPA Email Client V12 to it's beta testers on Monday.  V12 of the MailCOPA email client contains more new features in a single release than any update in the last few years.  And once again these new features will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all existing registered users.

One of the new features to be included in V12 of the MailCOPA email client is OpenPGP encryption.  Without needing any third party software the user will be able to create OpenPGP secret keys, store OpenPGP public keys, encrypt and sign outgoing messages and verify and decrypt incoming messages.

The technicalities of Keys are largely hidden from the user making this a simple technology that anyone can use.  Secret keys are stored against users email addresses and the public key portion can easily be mailed to other users from this screen.  Received public keys are added to the users address book along with the rest of the recipients details.

V12 of the MailCOPA email client is expected to release in the next 2-3 months.  Keep watching this blog for more information about what's coming up.  For more information about MailCOPA please see the MailCOPA email client web pages.