Friday, July 29, 2011

MailCOPA Email Client V12 To Include Live Backup System

One of the problems with a shared data set is making sure it is backed up correctly.  Most backup software cannot backup open files, so to be sure everything is secure the database server needs to be stopped so all the files get closed, then a backup needs to be taken, then the database server needs to be restarted.

The MailCOPA Email Client V12 will contain a live backup system.  It can synchronise a backup to occur at any time during the day, and it will backup file that are not only open, but are actually in use.  By reading the data at database level a secure backup of the files can be copied to another location on disk.  These files remain closed allowing normal 3rd party backup software to safely back those up to an off-site location.

It's expected that V12 of the MailCOPA email client will be released in the next 2-3 months.  For more information see the MailCOPA email client web pages.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

MailCOPA Email Client V12 Will Have Google Syncronisation

The upcoming V12 release of the MailCOPA Email Client will have synchronisation features to enable synchronising the diary/appointments with Google Calendar and the Address Books with Google Contacts.

In recent years we've had many requests to support synchronising with various hand held devices and phones.  This has been something we've looked at constantly but supporting every device would be a full time job which would limit our ability to develop the MailCOPA email client in other areas.  Fortunately most hand held devices and phones will also synchronise with Google, so by providing that link we can now indirectly synchronise with devices like the iPhone and iPad.

We hope to release V12 of the MailCOPA email client in the next 2 to 3 months. For more information please see the MailCOPA email client web pages.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MailCOPA Email Client V12 To Support OpenPGP Encryption

InterVations expects to release the MailCOPA Email Client V12 to it's beta testers on Monday.  V12 of the MailCOPA email client contains more new features in a single release than any update in the last few years.  And once again these new features will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to all existing registered users.

One of the new features to be included in V12 of the MailCOPA email client is OpenPGP encryption.  Without needing any third party software the user will be able to create OpenPGP secret keys, store OpenPGP public keys, encrypt and sign outgoing messages and verify and decrypt incoming messages.

The technicalities of Keys are largely hidden from the user making this a simple technology that anyone can use.  Secret keys are stored against users email addresses and the public key portion can easily be mailed to other users from this screen.  Received public keys are added to the users address book along with the rest of the recipients details.

V12 of the MailCOPA email client is expected to release in the next 2-3 months.  Keep watching this blog for more information about what's coming up.  For more information about MailCOPA please see the MailCOPA email client web pages.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bug fixed in MailCOPA minimize code

We had a customer report a strange issue that they could not minimize the MailCOPA email client on their machine.  Obviously this was odd as this must be something that pretty much every customer does, it's also something that we do on every install we have.

After finding as many details as possible from the customer about their system and operating system we managed to build a system as close as possible to the problem system and lo and behold we managed to repeat the problem ourselves.

Very odd, and will only occur in a very few systems.  This bug has been fixed for the upcoming beta release of the MailCOPA email client V12.  We hope that V12 will enter beta testing in the next 1-2 weeks.

For more information please see the MailCOPA email client web pages.

Monday, July 25, 2011

FileCOPA FTP Server Tip for PCI Compliance

The FileCOPA FTP Server is PCI Compliant, which is required if you run this software on any server which handles credit card transactions.  But it is not PCI compliant out of the box, some settings need to be modified.

First, you will need to disable SSLv2.  This older version of SSL is now considered insecure.  

Then you will need to disable all the SSL ciphers that contain the term "DES".  For example DH-DSS-DES-SSH.

Finally, on the security screen you will need to check the box that says "Hide product branding in the connection startup banner".  This option is not available in the trial version, you need to have a registered copy of FileCOPA to be able to do this. 

For more information see the FileCOPA FTP Server web pages.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Record Temperatures Hit South Eastern Massachusetts

The area of Massachusetts where the majority of InterVations support staff are based is currently under a heat advisory.  Whilst the InterVations office is nicely air conditioned there is the possibility of power outages as the electric grid gets stressed by overdamned for cooling.

As always we expect to have support staff available over the weekend, but if you don't get a response in our usual speedy fashion please understand that it may be because we have no power to receive your messages.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tips for Reducing Spam with the MailCOPA Email Client

Getting too much spam?  Here's some tips to reduce your chances.

Ensure that in Configuration->Set Preferences->HTML you check View HTML messages in Offline Mode.  What this means is that if you receive a message that has embedded pictures, and those pictures aren't actually included within the email message but instead reside on a website somewhere then the MailCOPA email client will not go out to the internet to retrieve them.  How will this reduce spam?  Well spammers add codes into the image links.  These codes get passed into the websites log files.  Each email has a different code.  So if the code appears in the logs, in a message that was sent to your address, then your address is a confirmed address.  Once your address is confirmed it can be sold onto other email lists, and you're going to get more spam.

If you want to see images from people you know and trust then check the Show HTML messages in Online Mode if the sender is in address book setting on the same page.  Then if someone you have in your address book sends you a mail in this manner you will still see the images.

Second tip.  Don't click the Don't Send Me More Messages link at the bottom of spam email.  Again, clicking this link will just confirm to the spammers that your address is good and that you opened and read the message.  If the mail is from some company like Amazon then the link is genuine, but if it's from a company you've never heard of it's just a confirmation link that you exist.

For more information see the MailCOPA email client web pages.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Golf Swing Mobile iPhone App Approved by Apple

The Golf Swing Mobile iPhone App developed for GASP Systems was accepted to the App Store by Apple today.  

Golf Swing Mobile is an extension to the GASP Lab golf swing tuition system developer by InterVations, Inc. for GASP Systems Ltd.

Currently the App is not available in the App Store because Apple are waiting on a signed contract from GASP Systems.  We will post a link to the App Store as soon as the App is available.  For more information please see the GASP Systems Ltd Web Pages.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bug fixed in MailCOPA V11 SPAM White lists

Recently a bug was discovered in the MailCOPA email client SPAM white list.  The documentation states that you can add an entire domain to the whitelist by adding * for example.  Unfortunately in the current release this is not functioning correcty.

The bug has been fixed, but is not currently in a public release.  If you are experiencing difficulties with this then please email our support desk at and ask for details to the latest test build.

For more information about MailCOPA please see the MailCOPA email client web pages.

Friday, July 15, 2011

InterVations Upgrade GolfsTheGame Ebooks Site

InterVations is starting phase 3 of the GolfsTheGame Project for GASP Systems.  This involves updating the ebook administration and display pages to support a new look and feel in preparedness for phase 4 where the GolfsTheGame booking system and GolfsTheGame ebook system will be merged into a single site.

GolfsTheGame booking system provides a way for Golf Students to book lessons with their Golf Pros and check Pros availability.

GolfsTheGame ebook is a book style teaching system for Golf Professionals to send video and text based lessons to their students.

GolfsTheGame is developed by InterVations for GASP Systems Ltd.  For more information on the GolfsTheGame project please see the GolfsTheGame ebook site or the GolfsTheGame golf booking system site.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MailCOPA Email Client V12 released to Alpha Testing

InterVations has released the next major update to it's MailCOPA email client to it's alpha testers.  Alpha testers are mainly InterVations employees.  The version is currently being used by our support staff and office managers.

During the alpha test phase the help and manual will be updated to include documentation for all the new features.

MailCOPA Email Client V12 sees the most new features added to any release for the last few years.

Once we are reasonably sure everything is stable then we will move to the beta test phase.  We currently have around 40 beta testers who will use the product and report back any issues.  Public release will occur when the beta testers are happy that everything is working as it should.

For more information on MailCOPA see the MailCOPA Email Client Web Page.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

InterVations First iPhone App Submitted to Apple for Approval

InterVations has just sent the first iPhone/iPad App it has developed to Apple for approval.  The app has been written for InterVations client GASP Systems Ltd and has been in development for the past few months.

The App is an aid to Golf tuition and complements the InterVations developed GASP Lab series of Windows Applications.

More information about the GASP Systems iPhone Application can be found on their iPhone Website.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Install Video for FileCOPA FTP Server Released

InterVations, Inc. has just released a new video showing how simple it is to install and configure the FileCOPA FTP Server.  View the video in youtube, or directly on the FileCOPA FTP Server webpage.