Friday, July 15, 2011

InterVations Upgrade GolfsTheGame Ebooks Site

InterVations is starting phase 3 of the GolfsTheGame Project for GASP Systems.  This involves updating the ebook administration and display pages to support a new look and feel in preparedness for phase 4 where the GolfsTheGame booking system and GolfsTheGame ebook system will be merged into a single site.

GolfsTheGame booking system provides a way for Golf Students to book lessons with their Golf Pros and check Pros availability.

GolfsTheGame ebook is a book style teaching system for Golf Professionals to send video and text based lessons to their students.

GolfsTheGame is developed by InterVations for GASP Systems Ltd.  For more information on the GolfsTheGame project please see the GolfsTheGame ebook site or the GolfsTheGame golf booking system site.