Monday, July 25, 2011

FileCOPA FTP Server Tip for PCI Compliance

The FileCOPA FTP Server is PCI Compliant, which is required if you run this software on any server which handles credit card transactions.  But it is not PCI compliant out of the box, some settings need to be modified.

First, you will need to disable SSLv2.  This older version of SSL is now considered insecure.  

Then you will need to disable all the SSL ciphers that contain the term "DES".  For example DH-DSS-DES-SSH.

Finally, on the security screen you will need to check the box that says "Hide product branding in the connection startup banner".  This option is not available in the trial version, you need to have a registered copy of FileCOPA to be able to do this. 

For more information see the FileCOPA FTP Server web pages.